What do we offer

Basic services

The accumulated experience allows us to perform a full range of construction, installation and design work: from designing to general contracting. We have a team of skilled professionals, most of who have been working since the company establishment. We organize the implementation of the project at a high level.

  • General contracting
  • Capital construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Finishing work

Services of General contracting

Organization Voropay Construction has been performing the duties of the General Contractor for over 20 years. It works in construction project area with state and large commercial structures (including foreign ones). The strong position of our company in this area is ensured due to the reputation acquired over many years and the following advantages:

  • possession of all necessary empowerment for the work employment;
  • the possibility of investing as borrowed also your own funds;
  • own technical base;
  • the presence in the staff of highly qualified specialists in all necessary industry areas;
  • established contacts of the general contractor with representatives of contractors, suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

Capital construction

Capital construction - includes all types of construction and installation works. From the development of soil to the installation of the roof. Earthwork - a complex of works with the improvement of the territory and the device of engineering communications.


Reconstruction is a special kind of construction associated with the reorganization of existing buildings and structures in order to completely or partially change their functionality. Includes - change the layout of the premises.

Finishing work

Finishing work is a complex of construction work related to the interior decoration of a house, cottage and apartment in order to increase its operational and aesthetic qualities.

Finishing work is the final stage of construction, which makes the overall assessment of a house, apartment, and cottage, given for the further exploitation.

Finishing work is a complex of works that include a huge amount of services for the repair of the room, such as: wall decoration, ceiling finishing, flooring, installation of interior doors and many other types of work.