Voropay constraction

this is us

23 years
of work on the construction market in Ukraine
About the company

Only commercial projects

We work in the segments where our expertise and resources allow us to give a guarantee for the results.
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes and public places
  • Sport centers, halls, facilities
  • Office rooms
  • Medical facilities and offices
  • Retail space
  • Educational institutions

About the company

Our company began its path in the construction industry in 1999. The starting stages of activity began in the field of finishing works, and then our specialists expanded the range of construction services for the further reconstruction, superstructure, and capital construction. According to the latest estimates, about 1,659 construction projects were implemented, with a total area of 120,259.79 square meters.

To implement the project, you do not need to select contractors for specialized types of work. We have all the necessary licenses, certificates, permits and technical capabilities to implement a “turn-key” project.

Why should you choose us ?

Incremental, systematic and experienced approach allows us to give guarantees that we can truly fulfill.

We value our reputation, so our company provides warranty obligations for all repair and construction work.
  • Responsibility
  • Team
  • Processes
  • Cost
  • Resource Base
Speaking about liability, we mean giving guarantees for:
  • 1 Following deadlines of construction
  • 2 Conducting preparatory engineering analysis
  • 3 Providing the dedicated project team
  • 4 Great quality of performed work
The increase of construction terms takes an additional cost, primarily for us.

To carry out projects on time turns out to be much more profitable for the customers.

Our team includes staff of specialists, providing planning and quality control of project implementation.

    Project teams:
    • Leadership team
    • Prorabs
    • Builders
    32 Spec.
    Engineering department:
    • Finishing work
    • Reconstruction
    • Solid construction
    4 Spec.
    Procurement and Logistics Service:
    • Purchase schedule
    • Warehouse management
    • Delivery to the site
    7 Spec.
    Financial management and legal support:
    • Financial Accounting
    • Legal support
    5 Spec.
    Department of document evaluation:
    • Estimates
    • Documentary accompaniment
    • Organization of tenders for specific treaty
    8 Spec.
We use our expertise to create processes that make optimal working conditions for all project participants
  • Five-step

    Algorithm for the preparation, launch of the project and control the interaction of participants.

  • Under construction

    The consistent implementation of construction work in parallel with the development of the design project developed with Loft Buro.

  • Repeat

    The optimal construction process for the network business. Designed on the basis of experience with PESTO CAFE and Domino & s Pizza.

Cost formation and financing process is a resource that ensures quality and timing
  • 1

    We are ready for the phased financing of projects with reference to the consistent implementation.

  • 2

    Cooperation is possible with a deferred payment subject to general contracting.

Each estimate item has absolutely practical significance, ensuring that the commitments will be fulfilled in accordance with the project agreements.

We provide our resource base to optimize logistics and to simplify the search for contractors.

Resources — are not only money investments, employees and equipment. In the first place, this is the experience of solving extraordinary tasks and specialists whose solutions we trust.

  • 1

    Own logistics and storage

  • 2

    Office and department of office work

  • 3

    Base suppliers and specials, procurement terms

  • 4

    Architects, designers and designers, who we can recommend

  • 5

    A broad base of specialized contractors in key areas