The stereotype of the modern builder

Dear friends, recently Serhiy Chyhasov, in an interview with Vladimir Voropay, founder and CEO of VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION, has discussed a topic “ the stereotype of a modern builder appearance that was formed in society and agreed on the examples of their companies to change this image for the better. Read the opinion, join the discussion. We are highly interested in your feedbacks.

“Friends, I want to propose a discussion of a relevant, in my opinion, topic. Recently, in a conversation with Vladimir Voropay (the founder and CEO of VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION), discussing threats to business development, they were independently assessed as a significant negative — the stereotype of the modern builder appearance that was formed in society. We plan to change this image for the better with the examples of our companies.

So, analyzing reviews and publications of unscientific (!) sources, we see the outlines of a pragmatic, not always tidy person, who has known life and firmly decided to make money on people by deception. – Correct me, if I had incorrectly described or missed something.

Rejecting the inability to change the system at the state and industry levels, we outline the boundaries within which this impartial individual cannot cultivate. I will formulate restrictions as rules that at the business level – our opportunities with you – can be established by potential customers (dear friends of FB):

1) do not be tempted by the lowest price and the shortest timeframes. In an effort to get a contract, dishonest builders often make unsubstantiated (impracticable) promises;

2) do not believe the stories of rich expertise and promises of the excellent quality. Visit the facilities personally and check the capacity of the work;

3) after the conclusion of the contract, do not settle for an increase in the estimated cost of the work until they are completed. Unless this is caused by additional volumes and / or a substantial (by more than 10%) increase in prices for construction materials.

Next post: about managing the construction process and hidden internal reserves. “