Vladimir Voropay: How to rebuild the Roshen factory facility and workshops of the XVIII century to a modern open space facility

In the summer of 2018, the central office of Ukrainian ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation changed its location. Now it is located on the territory of its own factory on Nauki avenue, Kiev in one of the former industrial buildings. To Create a new space became possible to make due to the production diversification. As a result, several workshops were freed up from technical equipment.
It was decided to equip modern open space offices for the employees in one of the facilities. The redevelopment of the old workshop was a part of a large-scale reconstruction of the factory. It also included the improvement of its territory with setting of an ice rink with an area of 2000 square meters and a dynamic fountain. The new public space is called Roshen Plaza.

Architectural offices from Ukraine and France were working on the renovation project of the Roshen factory. They were responsible for three stages of further work, such as: re-equipment of the old workshop for office space, renovation of the facade and of landscaping. To date the first two stages have already been completed and a part of the third one. The general contractor was VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION company, which also has completed a part of the subcontract work. Vladimir Voropay tells more about the project

You mentioned this project to be one of the most difficult lately, but also one of the most interesting. Why?

More than 35 companies participated in this project, including the customer service, three design organizations and contracting firms, while at the construction site there could be 220-250 people. The difficulty was to fulfill it in time with so many participants. In addition to the three main plans, some contractors needed to create their own drawings of ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc. We had to bring together all main participants and their project developments. A very long branch of the coordination structures turned out to be involved.


What work has VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION performed in the frames of the project for the reconstruction and landscaping of the Roshen factory?

Under the first phase of the project, we have completely reconstructed the 4-storey building of the 18th century by reinforcing concrete floors, roofing, remodeling, building staircases and escaping routes, installing an elevator, changing the roof covering and engineering, insulating the object. The building area of the current stage was 3,500 square meters.

The stage of improvement was no less complex and extensive. It assumed the arrangement of 5,500 square meters of territory, including the construction of exit and ecoparking for company employees and sightseeing buses, the replacement of utilities, paving and landscaping.

How long did it take to complete these two phases?

Initially, VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION participated in this project as a subcontracted company, but then the customer re-signed the contract for the general contracting. As a general contractor, we started in August last year and completed in early July of 2018. That is, we have been working on this project for almost 12 months.

At the moment, a tender is held on the final stage of the reconstruction of the Roshen factory. Nevertheless, the company VOROPAY CONSTRUCTION continues to work on its territory. What is the reason for that?

Indeed, companies are currently being selected for participation in the final stage of the project for the reconstruction of the Roshen factory, within the framework of which, among other things, the arrangement of an ice rink and a fountain is planned.

At the same time, we continue working at the Roshen factory, however, on a completely different order. The customer, already knowing our professional approach due to the reconstruction project, invited our company to perform a different scope of work. I want to note that current situation was highly predictable due to the gained trust. Thus, during the building the famous Hilton hotel in Kyiv, we started with a small order, and subsequently the scope of work was increased for us.